Step by Step Foundation

Step by Step Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord or brain injury.


Step by Step Foundation believes in physiotherapy and physical activity as tools for recovery and maintenance of Health in general. 


Waiting for scientific and medical advances that can achieve definitive recovery, it is essential to correct and maximize the residual capacity of the injured person after spinal cord / brain injury and keep the body in good physical fitness.


They believe that communication and the relationship between the injured person and physiotherapists are essential to be able to carry out a good rehabilitation process. Therefore, they opt for a personalized and individualized treatment program based on continuous feedback between the injured person and the physiotherapist.


Its mission is to offer the injured person a physiotherapy proposal based on a personalized quality treatment, which enables the monitoring of an efficient rehabilitation process that has a great impact on improving their quality of life.


Its objectives are:

      1. Continue with the rehabilitation process once the first recovery stage is over.
      2. To offer the injured person a treatment that allows them to continue in their recovery and quality of life improvement process. 
      3. Demonstrate the compatibility of conventional treatments that can be carried out.
      4. Provide the injured person with a directed treatment program over time.